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Unplug to Reconnect Campaign

unplug to reconnect

Do you even find yourself checking your Twitter account while you're hanging out with friends? Checking email during class? Texting while meeting a friend for coffee? We believe that technology helps to keep us connected to each other, can foster amazing creativity, and can help us all find valuable information. But we also recognize that in some cases we are so distracted by our smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV's that we don't have a chance to really connect with the people in our lives and community.

The campaign is about taking some time to intentionally reconnect with yourself and those around you.

We are asking UT-Austin students to pledge any amount of time on Thursday, April 10th, between 7:00am to 7:00pm to "unplug". There is no "right" or "wrong" way to unplug. You choose what works for you-- whether that tuning your phone and computer off for an hour, not playing video games for an afternoon, or leaving your tablet in your bag for the day. Spend that time doing other things: talking with a friend, sitting by the Turtle poond, playing Frisbee, going for a walk, drawing in a journal-- the options are endless!

Tell us what you do when you unplug by tweeting #unplugUT

Sign up below to tell us how many hours you will be pledging on April 10th!



Thank you!

If you have questions, you may contact Katy Redd at kredd@austin.utexas.edu or 512-475-6930.



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