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About the Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse authors represent practitioners in hospitals, colleges, universities, public agencies, and private practice, as well as graduate-level students studying group counseling. Approximately 80 of these programs are distributed through the central office of The Clearinghouse located at the University of Texas at Austin Counseling & Mental Health Center (CMHC).

We review the programs for completeness and for goals and objectives, but we do not require effectiveness or outcome data. The sole purpose of the Clearinghouse is to serve as an idea and information exchange to help mental health professionals develop programming by taking advantage of the ideas of others.

The Clearinghouse was established by David J. Drum, Ph.D. and others in the 1980s at the University of Rhode Island and it has been headquartered at CMHC since 1990. Currently it is directed by Chris Brownson, Ph.D., Associate Vice President and Director at CMHC, The University of Texas at Austin. Janet Bensman serves as Clearinghouse Coordinator. Dr. Drum continues as a consultant on the project. The address for the central office is:

The Clearinghouse
Counseling & Mental Health Center
The University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station A3500
Austin, Texas 78712-0152

About this Electronic Catalogue

NOTE THAT THESE ARE NOT ACTUAL WORKSHOPS THAT ARE OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC. These materials are designed for licensed mental health professionals to use in presenting their own workshops, and are made available as a service to the profession by The Clearinghouse for Structured/Thematic Groups at the Counseling & Mental Health Center, the University of Texas at Austin. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS COUNSELING & MENTAL HEALTH CENTER DOES NOT ENDORSE THE CONTENT NOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CREATION, IMPLEMENTAION, OR OUTCOMES OF THESE WORKSHOPS.

How to Order

Programs are available below in PDF format and are free of charge. You may simply read the title and authors of each manual and click on the link to view it and/or print it in PDF format. We no longer accept requests for materials via email and no longer send hard copies through the mail. We do not accept purchase orders or credit-cards, as these materials are free and available electronically.

How to Submit Programs

We are interested in adding to our program list. Contact Janet Bensman serves as Clearinghouse Coordinator for information on submitting programs and/or if you have suggestions or questions about the Clearinghouse.

A New Look at Studying Linda A. Sergeant
Bruce C. Hamilton
DP 025
A Treatment Group for Overcoming Depression Jan Kamphuis
Kristine Jacquin
TI 069
Adult Children of Alcoholism Unknown TI 001
Adult Children of Divorce Wayne Wentworth
Many Bratton
TI 063
Afraid of Your Anger? Kent Higgins
Richard Holt
TI 002
Anger Workshop Equilla Luke-Johnson
Harry F. Klinefelter, III
DP 005
Assertion Training Judy Leopard
Dale Wachowiak
TI 005
Assertiveness Training Workshop David J. Drum TI 007
Between Women: A Group for Enhancing Women's Friendships Cindy M. Hearne
Debra C. Morrow
DP 002
Breaking the Fall: Coping with the Aftermath of Sexual Assault Allison K. Chase
Esther L. Shapiro
TI 075
Building Relationship Skills Through Exploration of Sex-Role Stereotypes John W. Maaske
Luis F. Valdes
DP 003
Can Pass Samuel R. Stockwell
Ruth Barber Sullivan
TI 010
Career & Life Planning for Minority Students Lyn Shade DP 004
Career Exploration Group Kathleen H. Staley DP 011
Career Planning Seminar Cathleen Costello
Maryanne Kentz
TI 012
Career/Life Planning Jan Montgomery TI 013
Caught in a Panic? Group Treatment for Panic Disorder Veronica Ybarra
Jorge Lynch
TI 066
Clarifying Personal Values Judith Marsh DP 007
Communications Skills Workshop Donna S. Simonds DP 008
Coping with Anger Eulalia Grace Frenzel DP 010
Coping with Stress and Anxiety J. Eugene Knott
George Kriebe
TI 015
Couples Enhancement Workshop Reuben Garcia
Helen Kjolby
DP 011
Couples Enrichment Weekend Workshop Barbara Beach-Sallaway
Robert W. Calhoun
DP 011
Crisis Outreach Following a Death or Suicide Bob Moats CI 002
Defeat Your Self-Defeating Behavior Chris Brownson
Bryan Hartzler
TI 080
Depression Management Barbara S. Alford
Harry F. Klinefelter, III
DP 015
Dissolving Relationships J. Eugene Knott TI 018
Exploring Anger Rebecca Stadtner
Tim Tavis
DP 016
Feeling Like a Shadow in Relationships Scott Steiner, M.A.
Emily Abend, M.Ed.
TI 078
Female Athlete Groups Mary Ann Moore TI 020
Gaining Control of Your Lifestyle and Workstyle Michael R. Slavit DP 019
Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster Jennifer Ragan
Tavia Whitney
TI 081
Group Assertiveness Program Dolph Printz TI 021
Group Therapy for Survivors of Childhood Abuse Patricia Stice PT 007
Having Problems Loving Your Body Kathryn Piazza
Angela Finley
Karyn Wheeler
Elaine Hess
TI 088
Healthy Expression of Anger Victoria Beckner, M.A.
Kalina Brabeck, B. A.
TI 084
Human Sexuality William Jones TI 022
Improving Eating Behavior & Body Image Kathleen McNamara TI 023
Improving Relaxation and Control of Anxiety Michael Slavit TI 024
Intimate Relationships: Changing Old Patterns Patti Follansbee
Jackie Hallissey
Sharon Kennedy
TI 026
Is the Green-Eyed Monster Threatening Your Relationship? Drema Albin
Sarah Walker
NW 001
Jealousy Workshop Muriel Cohen
Douglas Daher
TI 027
Learning to Love Your Looks Barbara Sparrow, M. A.
Allison Sallee, M. A., LMFT
TI 082
Make Yourself at Home: Settling in with Yourself and Others Pam Smith
Nancy Wonacott
TI 076
Making Connections Lee Land
Eva-Maria Gortner
TI 086
Making Differences Work in a Romantic Relationship Nicole Bodor
Jennifer Vane
TI 083
Managing Job Stress Adrienne Barna
Linda Manning
CI 005
Managing/Ending Relationships Michael R. Slavit TI 030
Men and Women in Relationship Mike Penticuff
Martha Vogel
TI 065
Movin' on Up Kris Klasek PM 005
Group Assertiveness Program Dolph Printz TI 021
Overcoming Addictive Relationships Dianne Frost
Timothy M. Tavis
TI 033
Overcoming Rejection in Romantic Relationships David J. Drum
Alice Lawler
TI 034
Overcoming Role Loss: Men in Nursing Homes R. Kevin Rowell TI 035
Peer Counseling Teresa Freeman
William Hoikala
Sarah Ingraham
Richard Schwartz
PT 011
People as Partners Richard Wettstone TI 036
Preparation for Marriage Thomas Miller DP 028
Reducing Writing Anxiety Jo Anne Cope TI 038
Relationship Enhancement Group for Couples Michael Baum TI 039
Relaxation Training Michael R. Slavit DP 031
Resolving Personal Loss J. Eugene Knott TI 042
RLC Values Douglas Daher DP 030
Responding to Grief Gene Knott, PhD, ABPP
University of Rhode Island
TI 087
Self Assertion Skills Linda A. MacNeilage TI 043
Self-Esteem Alternative Treatment Mode Stanley Pavey
Stanley Hun
TI 045
Self-Enhancement Group Rasmussen Peterson NW 002
Self-Nurturance Samual Stockwell
Lee Andersino
DP 032
Shyness Clinic Marvin France-Hadsall
Mavis Turner
TI 048
Stage Fright Program Richard P. Wettsone DP 034
Stress Management David Coffman
Clifford Katz
TI 050
Stress Management David Coffman DP 035
Stress Management for Students of Color Grace A. Chen, M.A.
Magdalena Perez, B.A.
TI 085
Stress Management for Students of Color Grace A. Chen, M.A.
Magdalena Perez, B.A.
TI 085
Stress Management Training Workshop Craig Modell
Wayne Beaver
Mort H. Broch
Mary Alice Herzog
TI 051
Structured Activities for a Three-Day Retreat Kirk Klasek PM 011
Study Skills Program Shirley Cobb TI 054
Surviving Dysfunctional Families Aufustine Baron
Helen Spear
TI 055
Surviving Rape Cynthia de las Fuentes
Doris J. Wright
TI 064
The Problem Customer/Patron W. Anderson
M. Rogers
CI 006
The Self in Relation: Discovering the Individual in Relationship Karen Habib
John G. Potthoff
TI 067
Transition to College J. Eugene Knott
Douglas Daher
DP 038
Treatment of Sex Offenders Christopher Robinson TI 057
Valuing Ethnic Diversity: A Cultural Awareness Workshop Staff of CMHC at UT PT 014
Women's Therapy Groups Sally Grenard-Moore
Melba J. T. Vasquez
PT 103
Workshop on Procrastination Jo Ann Cope
Clifford Katz
TI 062

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