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Drop-in Mindful Eating Support Hour

Tuesdays, noon – 1 p.m. CST

8/30 - 12/6 (not meeting during Fall Break)

Hannah Yeo Garza


All CMHC groups are free and confidential.

This weekly group is open to all students seeking a supportive community to explore their relationship with their food and body, including those who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and those who are currently in treatment. The group provides a nonjudgmental and confidential environment to explore how disordered eating thoughts and behaviors may impact various areas of their life. Students are welcome to bring their lunches to session.

Registration - Follow the link below to enter your email address by the evening prior to the group session. This allows the facilitator to provide you with the Zoom link through which you can access the group.

For questions or more information - Contact Hannah Yeo Garza.

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