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Prevention and Outreach

CMHC's Prevention and Outreach services empower students to take care of themselves and each other in order to foster a thriving academic community at UT Austin. Our programs raise awareness, reduce stigma about mental health concerns, address barriers to academic excellence and promote overall wellness.

Workshops, Trainings and Performances

You can help build a UT community that values and supports mental health by bringing a CMHC program to your classroom, organization, fraternity/sorority, residence hall, department or other campus group.

CMHC offers many programs and workshops to the UT community. For a full menu of options please click the button below.

programs and workshops

Diversity Coordinators

At CMHC we highly value the diversity that all of our students bring to campus. Our team of Diversity Coordinators includes clinicians who have specialized interests, training, knowledge, etc. for serving different populations. Although our Diversity Coordinators have a unique role in specializing services to reach underserved populations, all CMHC clinicians and staff are committed to social justice and diversity consciousness.

Our team works closely with faculty and staff to offer specialized outreach and support for different communities on campus. To learn more, you can contact one of our Diversity Coordinators:

Kimberly Burdine, Ph.D., Liaison to Black & African-American students;
Sylvia Chen, Ph.D. , Liaison to International Students;
Alicia Garces, LCSW, Liaison to Latina (o) Students;
Mona Ghosheh, Ph.D., Liaison to Asian-American Students;
Joey Hannah, Ph.D., Liaison to the LGBTQA+ Community;

To learn more about our Diversity Coordinators, click here.

Issue Specialists

CMHC employs specialists with expertise on topics of concern to many college students. The specialists below also manage dynamic programs on campus that address these issues.

Stress Management - Kelsey Lammy, Mental Health Promotion Coordinator, Stress

Suicide Prevention - Marian Trattner, Be That One

Interpersonal Violence Prevention - Leah Leeds, Lauren White and Amissa Miller, Voices Against Violence

Body Image and Eating Disorders - Katie Yates, Mindful Eating

Many other concerns are addressed by UHS's Health Promotion Resource Center (HPRC) including: sexual health, alcohol and other drugs and nutrition. For more information visit

Integrated Health Prevention Resources

The integrated health team offers groups, classes and the MindBody Lab to UT students. For more information click here.

Students, Get Involved!

Click here for a full listing of opportunities.

Media Interview Requests

If you are a member of the media and want an interview on a mental health topic, contact Katy Redd, Assistant Director.

Class Interview Requests

If you are in a class and would like to speak with someone on staff for a paper or project, click here.

UT Counseling and Mental Health Center

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