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Consent is necessary in all sexual interactions. While talking about what another person is interested in sexually may seem awkward - the consequences of not getting consent are serious and harmful. Any sexual activity without consent is sexual violence.

Consent to Sexual Activity is:

  • An enthusiastic, mutual agreement that can be revoked at any time for any reason
  • A conversation that requires consciousness and clarity
  • Asking, not assuming: a yes to one thing does not imply a yes to all things
  • Assent, meaning to agree to something after thoughtful consideration

In short - consent is a YES when it is OK to say NO!

For the formal UT Austin definition of consent, please see the policy. The UT Austin policy details the conditions in which consent is not possible. These include but are not limited to when someone is forced, threatened, unconscious, unaware or has been intentionally impaired by any substance, including alcohol, and is unable to appraise or control their conduct.

consent is a conversation

Additional Resources Consent:

  • Learn more about how HealthyHorns Play Safe, including information on condoms, contraception and STI testing.
  • Attend a HealthyHorns Peer Education workshop.
  • The VAV Student Organization is open to all students who want to build a campus culture that values consent and healthy relationships and supports survivors. The VAV Student Org plans events throughout the year (including Sexual Violence Prevention Month in April and Relationship Violence Prevention Month in October), and offers a supportive space for learning about how to combat interpersonal violence. The Student Org meets every Tuesday, 6-7 PM in the Longhorn Wellness Center, SSB 1.106. Learn more and join the Facebook group
  • The VAV Theatre for Dialogue ensemble uses applied and interactive theatre to bring students a fresh understanding of consent. Through dialogue and active participation, UT students, faculty, and staff explore ways in which to discuss, question, and encourage a safer community through consent. Learn more about consent by booking a FREE performance of Get Sexy. Get Consent. on the UT campus.
  • Interpersonal Violence Peer Support provides two private support programs for students who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. These programs are not mandated to report to Title IX : Interpersonal Violence Peer Support or (trained professional) Peer Advocates. If you need support, someone to talk to, or resources surrounding navigating consent please visit IVPS.

If you have been impacted by Interpersonal Violence in any way and need support, please contact the Counseling and Mental Health Center, the Title IX Office, or Student Emergency Services.

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Together we can build a safer campus

UT gets consent
UT gets consent
UT gets consent
UT gets consent
UT gets consent
UT gets consent
UT gets consent
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UT gets consent

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