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40 Assets for the Forty Acres

The 40 Assets for the Forty Acres applies the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets© Framework which identifies 40 positive supports and strengths that young people need to succeed.

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Community values students

  • Demonstrate to students that they are valued members of the learning community.

Students as resources

  • Give students useful leadership and participatory roles in the classroom community (e.g., let them be the experts in certain areas, allow them to provide support to their peers).

Individual service to others

  • Assignments/projects provide opportunities for students to serve in the community.

Participation in group philanthropy or service commitments/ projects

  • Provide opportunities for students to join with others to engage in service.


  • Ensure students feel safe in the classroom and other learning environments.

Safe supports

  • Remind students to utilize mechanisms to enhance their and their peers’ safety (e.g., going out in pairs/groups, using SURE Walk).
The whole student