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The University of Texas at Austin Division of Student Affairs

Texas Well-being

40 Assets for the Forty Acres

The 40 Assets for the Forty Acres applies the Search Institute‚Äôs Developmental Assets© Framework which identifies 40 positive supports and strengths that young people need to succeed.

Commitment to Learning

Achievement motivation

  • Use instructional techniques and systems that encourage students to be more internally motivated to learn (e.g., have students set and monitor progress toward goals, provide feedback that encourages mastery over performance).

School engagement

  • Provide and encourage opportunities for students to actively engage in learning (e.g., help students set up study groups, provide flexible office hours).

Bonding to school

  • Encourage students to build bonds between themselves, the University, and their college/department.

Enhanced knowledge of drugs/alcohol and risk/protective behaviors.

The whole student