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Research Consortium

The National Research Consortium of Counseling Centers in Higher Education, housed at the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center, conducts large scale, national research studies on the mental health issues of college students. Participation in the Research Consortium is open to any U.S. institution of higher education, and membership in the Research Consortium changes for each study that is conducted. For more information about the Research Consortium's upcoming activities, e-mail Chris Brownson, the Research Consortium's National Director.

Chris Brownson, National Director

Research Consortium Data Request Application (Word)

Follow the link for a brief history of the development of the Research Consortium.

History of the Development of the Research Consortium

Research Consortium Studies

The Research Consortium has completed five different studies since its inception. The most recent study on the nature of suicidal crises in college students, involved over 26,000 participants from 70 U.S. colleges and universities, establishing the largest dataset of indepth college student suicidal behavior. Two past research consortium studies have used a clinical student population, and two other studies have dealt with a non-clinical student population. Follow the links to the right for full descriptions of all of the past Research Consortium studies with relevant reports and publications.

Research Consortium Datasets

The Research Consortium encourages the subsequent analysis of its data about college student mental health issues, pursuant to the RCπs goal of expanding the breadth and depth of research related to the unique mental health issues facing college and university students. These data sets have been useful for graduate student dissertations, professionals in the field of college mental health, institutions/foundations who study college mental health, and individual researchers interested in these issues. Follow the link for more information on obtaining Research Consortium datasets.

Requests for Research Consortium Data Sets


The Research Consortium of Counseling and Psychological Services in Higher Education was founded in 1990 under the leadership of David Drum, Ph.D. and Augustine Baron, Psy.D. of the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center. An interim steering committee of 10 university counseling center directors met in Austin in March, 1990 to design the structure of the consortium and the first study to be conducted. Subsequently, an additional 22 centers were recruited for the first study based on regional representation and each director's expressed interest in research endeavors. In the most recent study, 70 colleges and universities participated in the study. To-date, five projects have been completed.

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