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Counseling and Community Outreach Specialists

At CMHC we want to ensure that our services are accessible to all students. Research indicates that individuals holding certain identities may experience barriers to accessing mental health care as well as disparate mental health outcomes. While CMHC clinicians and staff are trained in and committed to working with students from all backgrounds, Counseling and Community Outreach Specialist are clinical experts on the mental health of specific student populations and have a unique role in specializing services to meet the needs of marginalized and underserved groups with the aim of reducing risk and improving outcomes.

Counseling and Community Outreach Specialists Support and Provide Mental Healthcare Services for Students

To provide services that are convenient and affirming for students, CMHC offers several ways to connect with the Counseling and Community Outreach Specialists, both inside and outside of the Counseling and Mental Health Center.

CCOS offer:

Common Reasons Student Seek CCOS support

Collaboration with Student Organizations, Faculty and Staff

Counseling and Community Outreach Specialists work closely with student organizations, faculty and staff to offer consultation, presentations, expertise based on backgrounds, and support as they work directly with students; however, the services provided to students are always confidential. The Counseling and Community Outreach Specialists rely on student organizations, interdepartmental collaboration, and campus partnerships to meet our students’ needs.

Meet the Team

Stephanie Dodoo, LCSW-S, Director, Health Access and Community Impact;

Mike Andorka, Ph.D., clinical expertise in Multiracial and First Generation student mental health;

Arna Erega, Ph.D., LPC, clinical expertise in International student mental health;

Joanna Menendez, Ph.D., clinical expertise in Latinx student mental health;

Tina Alexander, LCSW, clinical expertise in Black & African-American student mental health

Amelia Zique, LPC, clinical expertise in LGBTQA+ student mental health;

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